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Playoff changes look more likely

It's looking more and more like the powers that be are going to screw up the baseball playoff system.

The commissioner's office reported that it has been informed by a majority of the clubs that they are in favor of adding a second wild card team to the mix in each league. To fit them in the schedule, the wild cards would play a three-game series against each other while the division leaders effectively get a first round bye.

I worry about this deal because, with travel days worked in, there's probably going to be a five-day lay off for the best three teams in each league. And we all saw in 2006 what it can do to a hot team to have to cool its heels for the better part of a week while it waits to see who it will play.

It's going to give the division winners the advantage of setting up their pitching to potentially face the back end of the wild cards clubs' rotation. And that's bad for the fans who want to see marquee matchups in big playoff games.

I guess the powers that be are just going to keep tweaking things until they luck the Cubs into a World Series win...