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Simmons won't manage

Apparently we're not going to see Ted Simmons on the field in 2011 after all.

The former Cardinals catcher resigned his position earlier this off-season and said he planned to pursue his dream of managing in the major leagues. According to the Associated Press, however, Simba has accepted a position as special assistant to the general manager of the mariners.

All I can figure is that Simmons didn't much care for any of the opportunities that were available. The Marlins will apparently try going cheap to fill their opening. Pittsburgh, where he served as GM in the early 1990s, can't be appealing to a guy who is 60 years old. He's not going to win there, so Simmons doesn't really have the time to use it as a stepping stone position. Milwaukee, where he played following his time in St. Louis, didn't seem interested in going the nostalgia route. And who would want to get involved in the Mets mess?

I think Simmons would have done a heckuva job if someone would have given him a chance. He has had a hand in almost every aspect of the game -- pretty much everything except working as a trainer, as far as I can tell. So it would have been good to see what he could do...

Maybe if Cardinals manager Tony La Russa retires after 2011 he can apply in St. Louis. But, from what they have said in the past, I don't think the occupants of the Redbirds front office are interested in a rookie skipper.