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Texas is shopping Young

Before the ink can even dry on Lance Berkman's Cardinals contract, suddenly the word comes out of Texas that the Rangers are trying to trade star infielder Michael Young.


Young is an awesome player who could have helped solve some of the infield needs of the Cardinals -- and he is a .300 hitter with a power stroke. Young plays shortstop, second and third -- where ever he's needed. And he's a plus fielder at all of them, not a defensive question mark like Berkman.

Oh, well. Before I get too upset about it, Young isn't a free agent. Not only would the Cardinals have to give up pieces to get Young -- almost certainly to cause Texas to demand Colby Rasmus -- but Young has a very pricy contract. He's due $16 million a year for each of the next three seasons. I doubt the Rangers would have been willing to eat enough of that deal to make it financially feasible for the Birds.

Besides, Young is 34 years old and he's coming off his second worst season -- with a .284 batting average and 21 homers -- since 2002.