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Marlins concede that they may have to trade Uggla

The Marlins may resort to trading second baseman Dan Uggla since he rejected their offer of a four-year contract, according to

I've heard a lot of speculation that Uggla might make a nice addition to the St. Louis lineup. There is little doubt that his power bat could help the Birds score some runs. But is Uggla's skillet of a glove going to cause the Cardinals more problems than his bat can solve, should the clubs be able to work out a deal.

If the Cardinals picked up Uggla, I think he would have to make the switch to third base because of his defensive inabilities. And I'm not wild about him at the hot corner. Because the Cardinals share a spring training complex with the Marlins, I've had quite a bit of opportunity to see Uggla play in person. And I can say, in all honesty, that I have never seen a major league baseball player have so many balls go between his legs. The idea was to improve upon Skip Schumaker's infield defense, not find the only guy in baseball who could make Schumaker seem better by comparison...

I also don't know if Uggla is worth the considerable amount of money he would cost. Or if he would be worth the players Florida would demand in trade. The contract offer he turned down from the Marlins was reported to be for $48 million, or an average of $12 million a year. Eligible for one last season of arbitration, Uggla is expected to get $10 million in 2011. And he could walk as a free agent after that. So he seems like an awfully expensive one dimensional player.

Uggla struck out 149 times or more in all but one of his six seasons in the big leagues. And that year -- his first -- Uggla struck out 123. He's got a career batting average of only .263

If the Birds did make a swap for Uggla, it's going to have to be for a lot less than Colby Rasmus -- or there are going to have to be significant other parts involved.