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Westbrook update

The likelihood that the Cardinals re-sign Jake Westbrook seems to be decreasing by the hour.

A report in the Chicago Sun-Times reports that that Cubs may be interested in the righty starter. And, while a pitcher would have to be out of his mind to want to pitch at Wrigley Field instead of Busch Stadium (for a number of reasons) it seems like the bidding might spiral out of control in a tight market. The Rockies and Dodgers are also said to be in on Westbrook.

Westbrook is considered by many to be the second-best starter behind Cliff Lee in a crummy free agent market. So he's probably going to get well more than he is worth. And the Cardinals simply can't be a part of that.

I thought Westbrook was okay late last season. But there's nothing about his stuff or his performance that makes me feel like the Redbirds can't live without him.

Westbrook can talk all he wants about how much he liked working with Dave Duncan and how he thought St. Louis was the place where he wanted his family to live. But when it comes down to it, he's just another money grubbing ballplayer who would rather lose if it means squeezing another buck out of somebody. And we can all scratch our beards and wax on about he needs to provide for his family. But Westbrook just completed a $31 million, three-year deal during which he won a total of 11 games thanks to injuries. He's made well more than $50 million (for a 73-75 record with a 4.29 ERA) over the course of his career, so I don't need to hear any sob stories about putting food on the table.

Either Westbrook inks the Cardinals offer by the end of this week, or the team should pull it off the table and move on.