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Someone plug the payroll

Could someone please explain to me what it means when a payroll is "leaking?"

It's the latest metaphor from Cardinals GM John Mozeliak. I get what it means to look for low hanging fruit or to keep some dry powder. But this one is a little less obvious.

I assume it is meant to describe the club's payroll capacity as full. But leaking implies that you're losing resources. So, does Mozeliak mean the budget is full to the point that it is spilling over? Or does he mean that, in order to sign Lance Berkman, the club is going to have to "leak" some committed money someplace else?

I don't know who the Cardinals could cut lose and save any significant money.

Kyle Lohse, on the hook for nearly $12 million each of the next two seasons, has almost absolutely zero trade value following two crummy, injury-filled seasons. Matt Holliday and Albert Pujols, the team's two highest-paid players, are contractually unable to be moved. I couldn't imagine Yadier Molina, Chris Carpenter or Adam Wainwright are going anywhere. Beside's skip Schumaker's relatively small contract and the $5 million or so that Ryan Theriot is expected to get through arbitration, I don't see where the Birds could make any cuts.