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Twinkie time for Ryan?

The Twins are interested in Cardinals middle infielder Brendan Ryan, according to a Fox Sports report.

No word on whom Minnesota is dangling in return. The Cardinals are said to be demanding either major league bullpen help or prospects for the talented but unfocused Ryan.

It wouldn't be the first time the Birds swapped an infielder to their 1987 World Series foe. Shortly after than Fall Classic, in April 1988, the Cardinals traded fan favorite Tommy Herr to the Twinkies in exchange for alleged power hitter Tom Brunansky.

Herr lasted only the one season in Minnesota before skipping to the Phillies, Mets and Giants. Bruno hit 41 homers with a .238 batting average and a .411 slugging percentage for St. Louis in 1988-89 before being traded to Boston in 1990.

The Redbirds landed Lee Smith in the Brunansky trade.