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Hawpe might be a fit

During the stretch run last season I mentioned that I would like to see the Cardinals take a flier on Brad Hawpe.

Matt Holliday's former Rockies teammate had a terrible 2010 season. But he has been a consistent performer throughout his career. And he has a lefty power bat that the Cardinals could use. For those same reasons, I think he might make a nice addition to the St. Louis for 2011.

Whether manager Tony La Russa thinks Allen Craig and John Jay can handle right field on a regular basis, I don't think either one of them is capable of handing Ryan Ludwick's fifth spot in the batting order.

If Hawpe could regain his pre-2010 form -- he hit .283 and averaged 25 homers and 93 RBIs from 2006-09 -- he'd be a really nice fit.

It all depends upon the cost, however. I've heard rumors that the Cubs, White Sox and Mariners are all interested in Hawpe. And that sort of attention could drive his asking price up past what the Redbirds are willing to pay.

I like Jon Jay. But I am not convinced, after the way he played in 2010, that Allen Craig is the real deal. I'd be willing to deal either of them or both of them for infield help at second or third base.