Cheap Seats

Pujols wrangling begins. He reportedly wants $200 million.

Albert Pujols and his people met with the Cardinals for the first time Monday to talk about a much anticipated contract extension.

Word from the talks has been scarce since both sides have agreed to keep the dealings confidential. But the Chicago Tribune reported that Pujols wants an eight year deal for $25 million a season.

If that's the case, the only thing left for the Cardinals to say is "done."

While the Birds would be hard pressed to offer a $30-million per season, 10-year contract, it's pretty hard to argue that $25 million for eight years isn't fair when it would tie Pujols for fourth in average annual value as the game's best player. Sure, it would be nice if he would take less and give the Cardinals some additional flexibility. And maybe he will with deferments. But it's hard to expect him to take less than the $25 million Ryan Howard got when Pujols is clearly the better player.

Let's get this deal done so we can all get on with our lives.