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Fall Clunker

If the Cardinals can't be in it, I was at least hoping for an entertaining World Series.

Unfortunately, it's starting to look like yet another lopsided affair.

While each of the first two games started out competitively, they devolved into blow outs and, long story short, this series doesn't look like it's going to be much fun at all.

It's a shame for the Rangers. They suffered through several years of financial problems, due in large part to mismanagement, which resulted in their sale at bankruptcy mid-season. The club has never been particularly well supported in football country -- I'm on the Rangers mailing list because I've gone to games at their park before, and they sent me an email the day after the ALCS ended telling me that they still had single game tickets available for the first World Series in franchise history. This was their chance to be on the big stage, especially with the NFL Cowboys already in the tank, and it seems like they're blowing it.

While I'm leaning toward supporting the National League team in the Fall Classic, I hope Texas can at least win two of the three games coming up in their home ballpark and extend the World Series. If for no other reason, because it's good for the overall health of the game.