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The Sun-Times joins the Pujols bandwagon

The Chicago Sun-Times has underlined the need for the Cardinals to sign Albert Pujols to an extension this off-season.

Like AOL Fanhouse a day before, the paper pointed out that the Cubs are well positioned to take a run at Albert for 2012. And the last thing the Redbirds need is to get into a bidding war for baseball's best player.

From the Sun-Times:

...But how the Cubs have positioned themselves with the Pena signing has to make the rival Cardinals squirm at least a little.

If St. Louis can’t get what figures to be a mega-extension done with Pujols — and indications are that basic parameters for a deal aren’t even close to being established, even as the sides talked more during the winter meetings — the Cubs will be positioned uniquely among big-revenue teams to be aggressive. The Red Sox, of course, have the position secure now, along with other such big spenders as the Yankees (Mark Teixeira) and the Mets (Ike Davis).