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Atlanta's bid for Colby

Here's another take on what the Braves might offer the Cardinals in exchange for Colby Rasmus.

Atlanta is a natural fit for the young centerfielder because he was born in Georgia and raised in the south, casting him as a local favorite. The Braves also are pretty desperate for centerfield help... But what's good for Atlanta isn't necessarily good for St. Lou. And a trade has to make sense for both sides.

While the Braves young closer prospect looks pretty appealing, I still don't think the Cardinals could afford to make a deal that gives away a power hitting outfielder that doesn't inlcude a productive, major league ready hitter in return.

There simply aren't many attractive options on the free agent market for fifth place sluggers. So the Cardinals can't afford to trade for prospects and look elsewhere to replace what they gave up. And, even if there were some decent replacements available through free agency, why would the Cardinals give away a budget friendly player for a guy who is going to make millions of dollars in 2011? It seems to me like that's running to stand still because you haven't improved the team in the present -- and now you have less cash to address other needs.

Any deal the Cardinals might make for Rasmus is going to have to include young (read "cheap") major league talent at an area of present need. The Redbirds aren't playing for 2015. They're a team that narrowly missed making the playoffs last year, despite a rash of injuries and some obvious holes.