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Phillies might be interested in Ankiel

Philadelphia's Fox affiliate reports that the Phillies might be a fit for former Cardinals, Royals and Braves outfielder Rick Ankiel.

The pitcher turned flyschaser could help to fill the hole created when Jayson Werth defected to the Nationals. Or he could at least serve as an extra outfielder with some pop, according to the report. I'm not too sure Ankiel needs to be a couple times a week player, however. It's easy to forget that he has a low total of professional at bats thanks to his previous life as a pitcher. While he's got tremendous power, his swing is raw and he is prone to getting his mechanics screwed up.

I also wonder if Philadelphia is the best destination for the somewhat fragile Ankiel. I can easily imagine him uncorking an off-line throw that ignites unforgiving Philly fans into a lather.

Ideally, if Ankiel wants to continue his career, he'd accept a Class AAA job where he could play everyday. There he'd rack up at bats, hone his swing and almost certainly earn his way back to the majors.

On the other hand, I'm a little surprise -- despite flame outs in Kansas City and Atlanta -- that agent Scott Boras hasn't somehow conjured up a $10-million, one-year contract for Ankiel.