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The Cubs want to build a pair of underground bunkers... And they want you to pay for it

Since we're all in the mood to spend $300 million to help the billionaire owners of the Cubs improve Wrigley Field, here's a look at the Wee Bears' plans.

Would you believe that the bulk of the money would go toward building a pair of underground bunkers beneath the Wrigley Field outfield that would serve as clubhouses for the home and visiting teams?

This is the kind of stuff that you just can't make up.

For those who are counting, that's well more than half of the cost for the new Busch Stadium for a pair of windowless basements. Yeah. That sounds like a good deal. Did I mention they'll take three years to build?

Here is a link to more specifics about the plan.

This is the most ridiculous cash grab in the history of corporate welfare. Typically teams that try to squeeze the public for a handout try to threaten they'll leave town if they don't get their way.

But the Cubs have made their own bed by glorifying their decrepit ballpark. What would the Wee Bears be if they moved to a billion dollar retractable roofed stadium? I dare them to threaten to move...

If Wrigley's facilities aren't good enough, maybe the Ricketts family shouldn't have bought them less than a year ago. But it is a disgusting insult while citizens of this state try to feed their families and pay their mortgages and while the state is hopelessly mired in debt to ask the taxpayers to pay for billionaires to upgrade one of their toys.

Besides,, I bet if they asked the White Sox really nicely they'd let them play games at their park while the Pale Hose are on the road...