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Simmons denied by veteran's committee

Sadly, the case of Ted Simmons fell on deaf ears with the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame's Veteran's Committee.

Simba needed 12 of the 16 veteran's votes to get in when the committee convened. But only former GM Pat Gillick got enough ballots. Simmons reportedly was one of several candidates who got "less than eight" votes.

It's a shame that Simmons played in one of baseball's least glamorous eras -- the time when games we're played in cavernous cookie cutter ballparks on astroturf in front of smallish crowds without any regular local television coverage and before the age of steroids. Because he's as good or better than a lot of the catchers that followed. I'm thinking of Gary Carter.

All in all it hasn't been a great year for the former All-Star. In addition to missing the Hall, Simba didn't land any of the open managerial jobs in the majors despite announcing his interest in becoming a skipper. He deserves an opportunity for both.