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Lopez declines arbitration offer

Former Cardinals infielder Felipe Lopez has declined salary arbitration from the Red Sox in a move that reports say was planned in September.

Lopez, who signed with Boston with a week to play following his release from the Redbirds, allegedly agreed to not accept arbitration from the Red Sox as part of the deal he signed with the club. The move allows Boston to receive a supplementary draft pick from any club that would sign Lopez.

It says a lot about Lopez that he would take an underhanded deal to Boston instead of accepting an alternate offer from the Padres. San Diego was on the cusp of a playoff berth and Lopez could have made a difference there. Instead, helping a club to win seemed to hold absolutely no interest for him.

I wonder if Boston will ever get to collect its ill-gotten gain. Lopez didn't get a contract from the Cardinals last year until after the start of spring training. With the number of bridges he's burned in baseball, getting released by Washington and St. Louis for indifferent play and passed on when his other clubs have had a chance to try to re-sign him, it stands to reason that Flip won't get a contract at all.

Other players without the baggage including Orlando Hudson, Jason Bartlett and Orlando Cabrera are also available on the hot stove market, watering down Lopez's desirability.