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Werth signs with... Washington?

The landscape in the National League has changed dramatically with Jayson Werth's defection from the Phillies.

Apparently Matt Holliday's seven-year deal with the Cardinals was the model for Werth's equally termed deal with the Nationals. Reportedly it's for $120 million and it seems that none of the more competitve teams with which worth was talking were interested in matching it. The Tigers and Red Sox were said to be interested in Werth.

If pundits didn't like Holliday's contract, they must really hate Werth's. He's nearly two years older than Holliday was when the Cardinals flychaser inked his deal. And, while Werth is a solid all-around player, Holliday is more of an elite offensive force.

Werth apparently chose financial security over a better chance to get back to the post season. Although the Nationals have tried to make bold moves over the last couple of off-seasons, it's going to be tough to overcome the Phillies and the Braves in the next couple of years.