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Renteria wants to come back to the Cardinals

Edgar Renteria told reporters in his native Columbia Friday that he plans to play in 2011 -- and that he wants to do it for the Cardinals or the Marlins.

Now 35 years old, Renteria doesn't have the range that he had when he played for the Redbirds from 1999-2004. But he said he is willing to accept a lesser role -- or even move to second base -- to make himself a fit.

The 2010 World Series MVP, Renteria can still hit -- and he has always been a beast in the clutch. If he is truly willing to play a utility role with a chance to win the job as the starting second baseman, I'd love to see him back in red.

Not only is he a money ballplayer, Renteria is also a heckuva guy. He is in Columbia for the off-season where his countrymen planned to throw a series of parties and parades in celebration of his accomplishments. But, with his hometown currently in the throes of massive flooding that has put 90,000 people out of their homes, Renteria asked that all celebrations be canceled and that the money that would have been used to put them on instead be diverted to help the flood victims.