Cheap Seats

Who's coming out of the booth?

I'm not sure what to make of the report today that Fox Sports Midwest has offered Dan McLaughlin and Al Hrabosky reduced contracts while trying to fit Ricky Horton into the play by play mix more often.

I know Hrabosky rubs some people the wrong way. But I really appreciate his work. First, he's sort of a blue collar guy who, while he is an insider with major league playing experience, doesn't talk down to the fans or act like he's some sort of genius or like they're stupid. Second, and maybe even more importantly, he isn't afraid to say what he really thinks -- even if it is going to ruffle the feathers of the team.

I'm not looking for someone in the booth who is going to run the Cardinals down. But I'm not looking for someone who is a huckster for the team, either.

Homer broadcasters who make excuses for lazy or bad players to keep their bosses happy aren't being honest with the fans. If a player makes a bad play, call it what it is. Harry Caray built a career on being honest -- sometimes brutally honest -- when most announcers of the day were little more than pitchmen for the home team.

Ricky Horton seems like he is also unafraid to say what he really believes. But I worry, with a revolving door plan that would see Hrabosky and McLaughlin reduced from fulltime to about 100 games each to make room for Horton in the booth for 100 games of work, that the chemistry is going to be constantly changing... Or that one or more of the participants would find the deal to be unacceptable and walk away.

If all three of them want to work together, why not just put three people in the booth at once? If not all at the same time, they can rotate out every few innings with the odd man out doing a fieldside report or something like that...