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Will Walker make the Hall?

Former Cardinals outfielder Larry Walker is on the Hall of Fame ballot this fall... And I am very curious about his chances.

Walker certainly has Hall of Fame statistics -- a .317 career batting average with a .400 on base percentage, a National League MVP Award, five All-Star Game selections, three silver sluggers, seven Gold Gloves and he ranks 98th in baseball history in wins above replacement. Walker was more than a five-tool player. He was a ballplayer's ballplayer who performed very well in every facet of the game from hitting to defense to baserunning.

Isn't that what the Hall of Fame should celebrate?

But he toiled in relative anonymity for six of his 17 seasons in Montreal, he played nine more in Colorado where the playing conditions were notoriously favorable to hitters and he also had the misfortune to play in the steroid era -- although he not only was never linked to steroids and he often ferociously spoke out about them.

Even if he's more likely to wear a Colorado cap on his plaque than a STL lid, I'd still like to see Walker make the Hall.