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Tired of waiting for Tony

A week after Cardinals skipper Tony La Russa said he needed about a week to make up his mind about whether he would come back to manage in St. Louis in 2011, he still hasn't made up his mind.

I want La Russa to come back. I don't know that the Cardinals can go out and get a manager who is better. So why try to change horses in midstream? We know that Albert Pujols wants to play for La Russa, so why add another variable to Pujols' already cloudy contract situation?

Still, it's bull that La Russa hasn't decided that he can accept the Birds' 2011 contract offer a week after it was put on the table in front of him.

I presume that La Russa wants to manage. And I presume that he wants to win. At this stage in his career, the tea leaves all point to a return engagement in St. Louis to finish out his Hall of Fame career. So what's the hold up?

I've said before that if La Russa isn't certain this is the place he wants to be, the Cardinals need to find a new manager who wants to be here.

There are only a couple of reasons that would explain why the skipper has held out this long. Did the Cardinals invite him back with strings? Did they tell La Russa he's welcome back but some members of his coaching staff aren't?

I'd like to see La Russa announce sooner rather than later that he's back on board. But if he doesn't I think the Cardinals need to move on if he doesn't announce his intentions within the next week.

The Cubs, Mets and Pirates are said to be well along the way in their search for a new manager. I would hate to see the Redbirds end up with a retread because they're last to the dinner table.