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Cardinals still in play for Uggla

An interesting article on the Dan Uggla front from writer Matthew Leach. He says the Cardinals aren't scared off by the Florida second baseman's salary. It's the cost in players the Fish want in return...

This one has been all over the map. The Palm Beach Post thinks the Marlins are bluffing about trading Uggla while Fox reports that he's likely to be gone within the week and that the Marlins don't really care that much about what they get in return...

I think the Cardinals must view Uggla as a short term rental. I can't see the club matching Florida's offer of $48 million over four years that Uggla has already rejected. But maybe they think if they could get him for a cheap deal in terms of talent that they could let Uggla go through his last year of arbitration and pay him $9-$10 million for one season in the five hole behind Matt Holliday.

But, if I am the St. Louis GM, Colby Rasmus' name doesn't even enter the picture. No Shelby Miller, no Lance Lynn... And I have to believe Florida will find more on the table elsewhere.

While I'm on the subject of second base for the Redbirds, some have taken exception with my critical assessment of Skip Shumaker's play. I want to be clear: I like Schumaker. I think he is a good ballplayer. I think he is a very good outfielder. But I think his is miscast as a second baseman and I think it is unfair to him to have to try to learn a very difficult position at the major league level.

That being said, while I don't think Uggla is the guy that I want to see at second instead, I think St. Louis would be a much better team in 2011 if Skippy was in right field instead of second base. And I think he would be much happier there, too.