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Random musings on uniforms

Players haven't started jumping teams yet. But the Indians are the first club to shake things up a little bit with new uniforms for 2011.

In place of the old bubbly script on the road tops, the Tribe will use traditional dark block letters. Instead of Chief Wahoo on the caps, the road lids will be navy with a red block "C." But don't get excited if you're in the group that wants to see the controversial logo scrapped. It remains on the sleeve of the jerseys and on the crown of the home cap.

Here's a picture from the Indians website:

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Cleveland will keep the script lettered tops at home and the awful navy tops with the same lettering. But the Indians will also wear the traditional alternate jersey in 2011 that they debuted last season. The alternate top, pictured below from the team's web site, will be worn with a red cap with a block "C." That may be a little too much.

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I'm a big fan of the more traditional uniforms, not just because I generally like the way they look. But also because they seem timeless to me. Some teams change their uniforms every time the wind blows a different direction and I think that sacrifices the pride and tradition of baseball. It's also something of an insult to fans who the teams hope will be compelled to buy a new collection of apparel every time a new design comes out...

Baseball has made a lot of positive steps in this direction in recent years. The Cardinals returned to a button down jersey reminiscent of their 1960s uniforms nearly two decades ago. The Twins last season adopted a retro alternate jersey to coincide with the opening of their new open air ballpark. It was fantastic and really made their Kirby Pucket era toggs look so 1991.

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The Twins debut their retro alternate unis on opening day 2010. Not only are the tops and pants a breath of fresh air, but the "TC" caps blow away the tired "M" caps the Twinkees have worn for the last two or three decades.

If I was to pass out an award for the best duds in baseball, I would have given it to the Giants for their classy uniform of the last few seasons that harkens back to their polo grounds days...

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Note the lack of the player's name on the back. Excellent. I have always wondered why players have a number if they are going to have their name printed on the back. What's the point?

But then the G-men had to go and mess things up with the monstrosity pictured below, which may be the most obnoxious uniform in baseball since the Phillies and Expos stopped wearing their sky blue jumpsuits.

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The orange is even more obnoxious than the black tops with black numbers and a thin orange outline the team wore a couple of years ago. Why mess with such a good thing, Giants?

Although I thought it might be nice if the Cardinals added an alternate uniform that resembled their 1940s uniforms -- red piping up the sleeves, around the neck and down and down the front with the birds perched on a black bat instead of a yellow one and the navy cap with a red bill -- I'm glad the Cardinals stick with a tasteful and traditional getup.

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Here stands baseball's perfect fashion model...