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A-Gon window expires

Updated Update: The Red Sox accepted the trade without a signed contract. Gonzalez is believed to be close to accepting a multi-year extention to play for Boston.

Update: The deal that would send Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox for prospects has fallen though, according to's Jon Heyman, because the player and Boston weren't able to come to a contract agreement.

This is bad news for the Cardinals because Gonzales has long been linked to the Red Sox. Now that may no longer be an option. If Pujols is still in play next winter, Boston could be more focused on the slugging Redbird than ever before.


Boston's negotiating window with Adrian Gonzalez has expired without a deal being struck, according to several reports.

Now we'll have to wait and see if the Red Sox are willing to pull the trigger on the deal without an extension or if they'll pass.

Word is that Boston wanted Gonzalez to sign a six-year contract that would have effectively taken them out of the Albert Pujols derby -- if there is one -- next winter. The Red Sox are said to be willing to go ahead with the swap for Gonzalez if it's clear that something can be worked out. But talk from the first baseman's camp is that he won't negotiate until after the season if a deal can't be worked out in the window.

Of course, both sides could pull back while an extension is worked out. But the Padres, perhaps playing hard ball, have said they won't try to trade their best player any more if this deal falls through.

It looks like Cardinals fans will have to wait a while longer for the other shoe to drop.