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Cardinals odds and ends

Now that the Cardinals seem to be cooling to the idea of making Yadier Molina's older brother the club's back-up catcher, I can say that I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Bengie Molina's a good candidate for that kind of job. But I'm not sure this is the place for him.

First, he griped all last off-season about not getting enough money. Then, when he landed with the Giants, he griped about losing playing time to Buster Posey. Do we really think an older sibling is going to willingly take a backseat to his kid brother?

Yadier Molina likes to catch about 145-150 games a season. That doesn't leave much to keep the backup busy. Based on what he said the second half of the season, it would seem Bengie would want a significant amount of money and a promise of at least half time playing status to change his mind about retirement.

Since the Cardinals don't have the playing time or the cash to meet Bengie's demands, I think bringing him into the fold, regardless of what a good player he is, could mean un-needed stress for Yadi. So I don't mind the team heading in another direction.


Congratulations to former Cardinals third baseman Ken Oberkfell who was named a member of the Mets major league coaching staff. Obie has been trying to work his way up to being a big league skipper for a number of years now. Hopefully this will be another step in the right direction for him.


Lance Berkman has been assigned number 12 by the Cardinals because his traditional number, 17, is retired by St. Louis in honor of Dizzy Dean. I don't know why, by 12 has never seemed like a significant number for the Redbirds. it's always a number that seems to go to a backup infielder like Aaron Miles. Maybe he could wear former teammate Pedro Feliz's number 77.

Meanwhile Ryan Theriot is going to wear number 3, which seems to be the revolving door digit of choice for St. Louis middle infielders since Edgar Renteria left. Kahlil Greene, Junior Spivey and the infamous Felipe Lopez have all worn 3 for St. Louis in the last few years. He wore 13 with the Dodgers last season, but I doubt that holds much attraction for him since he was apparently pretty unhappy on the left coast.