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Cubs signed Pena with plans to aim for Pujols in 2012

Don't read this if you're eating.

According to a report on AOL Fanhouse, the Cubs decided to sign former Rays first sacker Carlos Pena to a one-year contract instead of inking Adam Dunn or a longer-term solution because they hope to make a run at Albert Pujols for 2012.

Click here to read the story... If you have a strong stomach.

If Pujols, who said money is less important than playing for a winning club and who claims to enjoy playing in front of the knowledgeable, mild-mannered fans in St. Louis chose to migrate north to play for the un-winningest team in baseball history in their decrepit, urine aromaed dive bar where they sometimes play ballgames, I think that would pretty much be it for me as a baseball fan.