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Rumor Mill: Westbrook and Uggla

The Cardinals feel like their chances of signing right-handed starter Jake Westbrook have rebounded in the past few days, according to Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal didn't say what has broken the ice. But he said the Redbirds brass handicapped the extension of Westbrook at 50-50 last week. If a deal is going to be made. it needs to be made soon so the team can move on to addressing other needs.

While there was some movement toward a new deal before the free agency period began, it seemed to derail when the Dodgers re-signed Ted Lilly to a three-year, $33-million deal. The Cardinals were content to let Westbrook shop their offer around. I'm hopeful that he's back because cooler heads prevailed, not because the Birds decided to overpay.

ESPN says the Cardinals are still in on Florida second baseman Dan Uggla, which would seem to be contradictory to GM John Mozeliak's recent comments that the team is more focused on upgrading at shortstop than second base.

I wonder if that's a hint that if the Redbirds were able to land the weak-gloved Uggla that he wouldn't play second. I think he might be a better fit at third because of his poor range. But if that happens, the club better hope the Mets don't offer Jose Oquendo the job as their manager. The Cardinals would need Oquendo to work with Uggla to get his glove up to snuff.

Reports out of Florida indicate that the Marlins want a pitcher and a catcher for Uggla, which doesn't seem like a fit. The Cardinals could offer Bryan Anderson behind the dish. But it would seem that his stock has fallen to the point that he isn't much of a return. I wouldn't give up a top pitching prospect for him, either.

The Cardinals likely would be renting Uggla for a year. So I'm pretty adamant that they can't give up key prospects to get him. If I was in the St. Louis GM's chair, guys I would be willing to put on the table include Brendan Ryan, Jon Jay, Allen Craig, Skip Schumaker, Daniel Descalso, Blake Hawksworth, maybe Mitchell Boggs... Pick any two...