Cheap Seats

No use cryin' over Ryan

I had hoped that the Cardinals would basically get stuck with Brendan Ryan which would basically have had the result of giving him a chance to remind the St. Louis front office of what he has to offer.

But it seems that, while the team has played hard to get to try to drive up the slick fielding infielder's trade value, it is intent on being rid of him before spring training begins. Neither GM John Mozeliak nor manager Tony La Russa has said anything to indicate they're willing to give Ryan a second chance. Even when Ryan said he would prefer to stay in St. Louis -- even if it meant he would be a backup.

Ryan had an awful season at the plate last year. But he was wonderful the year before -- both with the glove and at the plate. I just don't get how the manager can go from comparing a player to Ozzie Smith one season and throwing a guy on the scrap heap the next. But with the poor defense of Skip Schumaker and his struggles at the plate in 2010, I think keeping Ryan as an insurance policy would be wise.

What would the Cardinals have done without Ryan in 2009 when Khalil Greene had his monumental meltdown?