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Berkman's price is likely too high

According to a report on Yahoo Sports, major league executives think it's going to take at least a one year contract totalling $7 million to land former Astros slugger Lance Berkman.

Although the Cardinals have supposedly inquired about Berkman, it's hard to believe they'd be players at that price.

Berkman would have to play the outfield in St. Louis with Albert Pujols manning his usual position -- first base. He hasn't played more than a third of his games in the outfield in years and would likely be brutal at the position.

Oakland has reportedly been the most aggressive suitor for Berkman, which makes sense because he can spend much of his time being a designated hitter for the Athletics.

If the Cardinals spent seven million on one player, it would be better invested in someone who could play third or second base and contribute to the lineup every day. Berkman would likely be more of a glorified pinch hitter, something he's probably not interested in at this point of his career.