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Renteria update

Don't wrestle that number three jersey out of Ryan Theriot's hands just yet.

If the Cardinals were hoping to get Edgar Renteria on the cheap to be their primary backup infielder, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Renteria told ESPN that he was insulted by the $1 million offer that he got from the Giants and that he would rather go home to Columbia and retire than play for such a pittance. I'm guessing the Cardinals, with a payroll is well over $100 million for the first time in franchise history, don't have much more than that to spend.

Renteria's agent told the sports network that his client has two offers, the one from the Giants and another that is "insufficient" from another club. So, if the Redbirds are, in fact, the mysetery team, it doesn't look good.

The former St. Louis shortstop said earlier this off-season that he would like to finish his career in San Francisco, St. Louis or with his original team, the Marlins.

Ironically, the Fish may have the most money to spend. San Francisco splurged on Miguel Tejada to crowd its infield picture while the Cardinals are tapped out thanks to $8 million per season deals for Jake Westbrook and Lance Berkman.

The Marlins are looking for help at second base with Henley Ramirez manning the store at short.