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Tigers may take Penny bet

The Tigers are talking with former Cardinals hurler Brad Penny about joining their pitching staff, according to Fox Sports.

Penny was fantastic for St. Louis duiring the first third of the 2010 season. Then he was sidelined with a "minor" muscle injury in his back that was expected to shelve him for one -- or maybe two -- starts. He was never seen in a St. Louis uniform again and the Redbirds watched their fortunes go down the drain...

Penny has great stuff, but he's infamously fragile. I wonder if he might be better served at this point of his career by making a switch to the bullpen. Pitching four or five innings a week as a reliever as opposed to 12 or 14 as a starter might be easier on Penny's frame and prolong his career.

In Penny's 11 major league seasons he has been able to pitch as many as 200 innings twice. Maybe his body is trying to tell him something.