Cheap Seats

Troy part two?

If the Cardinals can't pick up Edgar Renteria for a million bucks -- and judging by his level of insultedness when the Giants offered him the same amount, they can't -- what about giving former Redbirds third sacker Troy Glaus a spin?

Glaus played for Atlanta last season for $1.75 million and he's still on the market this year, so I'm guessing the price would be right...

Could Glaus, two years removed from missing nearly an entire season with shoulder trouble, provide a measure of insurance if David Freese can't play? Hopefully. But even if he can't, Glaus could be a valuable veteran bat off a very green bench.

He only hit .240 with Atlanta. But that came with 16 homers and 71 RBI in 412 at bats... So he could be a nice threat off the bench in the late innings.

Glaus had one really nice season in his two years with the Redbirds. He played better than expected defense and was a nice power bat. While it stunk to watch him collect $11 million from the sidelines in his second Cardinals season, getting some cheap production out of him now might ease some of those old wounds.

The Cardinals probably aren't going to spend much -- if they spend anything at all. But I wouldn't mind seeing the club take one small shot at improving its offensive depth. And this is at least a move they should consider. Make it incentive based. Give him a major league minimum deal and $50,000 a homer. That would be fun to watch.