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On This Date in Cardinals History: Dec. 31, 1949

On the last day of December in 1949, the Cardinals released their 1950 season schedule which was complete with several night games -- including the club's first night home season opener which was played against Pittsburgh.

Night games became a hit in 1949 as working families found evening games were easier to attend. And major league clubs tried to add some flash to the new trend by developing some of the most unusual uniforms in baseball history.

The Cardinals, Reds, Dodgers and Braves all sported shimmering satin uniforms that seemed to glow under the lighst during night contests. Click here to see the Cardinals night uniform top.

I'm not sure why the satin uniforms didn't catch on because they look pretty snazzy. I'm guessing they probably weren't very comfortable on a humid St. Louis night. But this would be a throwback outfit that I would love to see the Cardinals wear one evening.

The Redbirds won that home opener, played April 18 at Sportsmans Park, beating the Pirates by a 4-2 score. Cardinals hitters Stan Musial, Red Schoendienst and Joe Garagiola didn't seem to mind hitting under the lights. Musial and The Redhead went 2-for-4 while Garagiola was 3-for-3. All three drove in a run while Musial scored twice and Schoendienst once.