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On this date in Cardinals history: Jan. 3, 1976

On this day 35 years ago the Kansas City Royals released former Cardinals hurler Lindy McDaniel, ending his career after 21 seasons and 987 games.

McDaniel, who pitched alongside his brother, Von, during the early part of his career with the Cardinals, made his debut with St. Louis in 1955. He saved 172 games in an era when relief pitching was just beginning to be recognized as more of a strategic part of the game than a fallback plan when your starting pitcher failed to go the full nine innings.

He pitched his first eight seasons with the Cardinals before playing for the Yankees, Giants, Cubs and Royals. McDaniel finished with a 141-119 record and a 3.45 ERA.

"A number of factors have contributed to my longevity," McDaniel said on his website, "Freedom from serious injury, an easy pitching delivery, clean living and good conditioning, a high motivation level, a strong belief in God --- especially during times of adversity --- the opportunity to pitch and self-discipline."