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Bengie Molina now wants to be a Cardinal

For weeks the Cardinals waited around for Yadier Molina's older brother Bengie to make up his mind about an offer to be the back-up receiver in St. Louis.

Now, after the team could wait no longer so it signed former Tigers catcher Gerald Laird, the elder Molina has come around. According to's Jon Heyman, Bengie is hedging on plans to retire and is looking for just the right situation. He said the one that interests him the most is the chance to play with Yadi in the STL.


Bengie's got a pretty good stick for a catcher, and he would have made a really nice reserve backstop. But I doubt the Cardinals are willing to carry three catchers because Yadi plays so much there won't be enough playing time to keep two reserves happy.

That being said, if Bengie is willing to be primarily a pinch hitter who only catches every once in a while, he could be a nice addition to a very young St. Louis bench. Typically, the Redbirds carry seven relievers and five bench players -- but only four of those bench guys are really available because the club doesn't want to leave itself without a catcher by pinch hitting with the reserve then seeing the starter be injured in a game. By carrying three receivers, it might offer a little bit more flexibility.

I don't know if Bengie would want to be a pinch hitter. He was crabby last season in San Francisco when he lost playing time to Buster Posey and it eventually resulted in his trade to Texas. But he is a career .274 hitter with 144 homers in 13 major league seasons, so he has some offensive value.

If the Cardinals did carry three catchers who would be the position player to go? Bengie and Laird would leave only three spots for a reserve outfielder, a reserve infielder and a possible swing man. If Tyler Green is your infielder, Allen Craig would be a possibility as a swing man with some ability to play third and first base and Jon Jay would be the primary reserve outfielder.