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Renteria will get a chance to start in Cincy

I'm not sure if the money was the deciding factor or if it was opportunity.

But comments from former Cardinals infielder Edgar Rentria told ESPN deportes that he expects to be Cincinnati's starting shortstop.

Reds manager Dusty Baker told the Cincinnati Enquirer that young infielder Paul Janish will get the chance to win the starting job. But he didn't completely write off the idea that Renteria could end up with the starting job.

"Everybody plays on my team," Baker told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "They're both going to play. Janish is younger. Edgar is more experienced. Janish deserves a chance to be my shortstop."

I don't know if the Cardinals could have matched the $3 million Renteria could make from the Reds with incentives. But, even if he couldn't do it everyday, I wouldn't have minded seeing the Redbirds have the option of using Renteria at short and Ryan Theriot at second base.

Renteria isn't the shortstop he once was, but he's still decent. And Theriot would be much better than Skip Schumaker at second base. So, on the whole, the defense would be much better than Theriot at short and Schumaker at second.