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Commish: No changes to playoffs, instant replay this year

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said it will be at least 2012 before the baseball playoff format and instant replay policy can be ruined. I mean modified.

Selig said it's simply too late to wade through all the details of the possible changes in time for the start of the rapidly-approaching season. He implied that the delay shouldn't be taken as a sign that the possible changes were being shelved.

"There continues to be fruitful talks about it, but they're definitely off the table for this year," Selig told "Really, I think that's what we've been saying all along."

Selig said the schedules for 2011 are already in place, nixing the idea of replay for this season. He told that talks on replay aren't as far along.

Plans for the play-offs are still in discussion. But the would include the addition of at least a couple more teams to the post season party.

While I admit I was opposed to the original wild card expansion because I thought it cheapened the championship season (I preferred changing the playoffs to give the best team in each league a first round bye while the other two division winners played each other) I think adding even more teams is too much.

The thing that won me over to the wild card system is the idea of keeping the season interesting for teams that fall out of the race for their division title. And the current system has accomplished that goal. Adding even more teams is going to put baseball in the same predicament that the NFL was in this year when a 7-9 team made the playoffs.

Do we really want the third place team in a division to have a chance to win the World Series? Is it fair that a team that led from wire to wire be eliminated by a hot handed wild card team? If it is, why play the season at all?