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Don't count on a Winter Warm-Up Pujols announcement

It's been a couple of weeks since an anonymous source inside the Cardinals reported that the Albert Pujols negotiations were going well.

And that's long enough for me to start becoming concerned about it.

But today Fox Sports published an interview with Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. that gave a little bit of reason for optimism... And maybe a hair more reason to be concerned.

According to the boss, he is "hopeful" that Pujols can be re-signed. But he doesn't seem to have much of a sense of urgency about the whole situation.

When asked if a deal with the game's best player was close, DeWitt Jr. told Fox Sports "“No, I would just say we’ve had discussions, and we’re continuing to talk.”

“We’ve got time between now and then to get things done,” DeWitt continued. “I’m hopeful. But these are big deals, and we’ll make every effort to get it accomplished.

“Spring training is a long period of time — six weeks. Whether it’s reporting date, or a week after, I don’t view it as, ‘If it’s not done by this day, then . . . I don’t see a specific day."

Those remarks sure make it sound like the two sides haven't gotten down to the nitty gritty of a deal. And there seems to be no chance that a deal will be worked out by this weekend's Winter Warm-Up as many have hoped and speculated.

“We’re not that far along yet, so I wouldn’t think so,” DeWitt told Fox Sports about the likelihood of a deal being done by the weekend. “I never rule anything out, but we’re not targeting that time frame. We’re looking more toward spring training. A deal of this magnitude will take some time.”

DeWitt predicted it might not even be done before players report for spring training, explaining that the club would still have six weeks to work something out when camp opens. But at what point does Pujols decide he might as well test the market? Because if he does that, the Cardinals don't have a very good chance of keeping him.