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Former Cardinals OF Canseco arrested

Ozzie Canseco, twin brother of controversial major leaguer Jose Canseco, has been arrested for suspicion of driving while drunk in Florida.

He was busted Saturday and released on $500 bond, according to ESPN.

It wasn't the first time the lesser accomplished of the Canseco brothers has had a scrape with the law. In 2003 a traffic stop led to officers discovering steroids in his car. In 2001 he was busted with Jose when the pair became involved in a bar fight. He pleaded guilty in both cases.

Ozzie, now 46, hit .239 in 15 games with St. Louis scattered over the 1992 and 1993 seasons. He also had a cup of coffee with Oakland to finish his career with a .200 batting average and exactly 462 homers less than his steroid shooting brother. (Jose hit 462 homers with Oakland, Texas, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay the Yankees and the White Sox.)

Either Ozzie was really bad at using 'roids or else there is more to hitting a baseball than juicing. How odd is it that two guys with every parameter of their bodies as identical as they could possibly be could have so very different careers.