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Cubs flip Gorzelanny to Nats

I thought when the Cubs traded for Matt Garza that they might have designs on dumping Carlos Zambrano's salary.

But it seems like the team will keep the top of its rotation intact. Tom Gorzelanny is the odd man out of the Wee Bears' six-man rotation. He was swapped to Washington Monday in exchange for three prospects. Not sure of the quality of the players. But any three warm bodies sounds like a good deal for a hurler who is 36-37 in his career with a 4.68 ERA and 1.49 walks and hits rate per inning pitched.

I guess the Cubs, who many believe are a bit short in the offensive department (I, don't know why... I personally find them completely offensive) plan to make a big push in 2011 after all. It's going to be a tough fight with the Cardinals adding Lance Berkman and keeping Jake Westbrook, the Brewers adding Zach Greinke and the Reds come back largely intact to defend their 2010 division crown.