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Game over for Milton Bradley

Americans -- especially the sports fans amongst us -- love to root for the underdog. We love to see somebody make good on a second chance.

But is there anybody out there that hasn't grown tired of Milton Bradley's act?

The former Cubs, Dodgers, Padres, Athletics, Rangers, Indians and Expos outfielder who was extremely fortunate that the Mariners were willing to give him a shot despite his previous reputation as a hothead and troublemaker certainly seems to have broken the last straw. He was arrested a couple of days ago in Los Angeles for making felony threats toward a woman.

I was never more thrilled by a Cubs move than I was when the club announced that they'd shot themselves in the foot before the 2009 season even started by signing the clubhouse cancer that is Bradley. The real shame was that the Wee Bears were able to move him after only one season of internal sabotage. Now only Carlos Zambrano is left to rot the Cubs from within...

Making millions of dollars for being able to hit a baseball has always been Bradley's reason for not having to say he was sorry. There was always a team that was willing to take him on. But felony charges might give Seattle the chance to void the $30 million contract he signed two years ago with the Cubs.

Bradley, who has fought with fans and teammates, made insensitive and inflammatory remarks and generally done whatever he wanted to do over the last decade is going to have an interestesting time in the real world after his baseball career is over.

While we love underdogs, we loathe people who use their celebrity and power to act as if they are above the system. And, if Bradley's contract is terminated, it seems like he's used up his last "second" chance.