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Computer glitch causes problem for Cardinals season ticket holders

If you're having trouble paying for your Cardinals season tickets online, you're not the only one.

According to the club, a computer glitch as the team transitioned to a new season ticket holder system to another caused a massive number of customers' information to be purged from their database. The club is planning to send a notification to season ticket holders about the situation within the next week.

The Cardinals stressed that no sensitive information was compromised or released. Passwords were simply erased.

In short, when you try to enter your season ticket holder number and password, the computer tells you that your password is incorrect. If you try to enter your account number and ask to be emailed your password, it tells you that it doesn't recognize your account.

To fix the problem, call your season ticket holder representative listed on your invoice and they'll give you a temporary password you can use to re-open your account. Customers who pay for their tickets through the mail or over the phone should be unaffected by the computer foul up.