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Cards Miller featured in Runner's World

I usually try to keep my baseball passions separate from my real world mood. And I admit that has been hard lately with the Albert Pujols situation casting a dark shadow across the enthusiasm of Cardinals fans.

But a story about Cardinals pitcher Trever Miller and his daughter sure shook me back into perspective.

The six-year-old girl, whose name is Grace, was born with a Chromosomal disorder that caused her to be unable to walk or talk. And it often causes her great difficulty in breathing. She wasn't supposed to make it to her first birthday, according to doctors.

Miller said in the story that he struggled coming to terms with the situation for a while. He turned to drinking and gambled throwing away his major league pitching career before turning his life around and bonding with his daughter through running. He pushes the girl -- along with her oxygen tanks -- in a 100-pound stroller as he runs. Sometimes he runs in his Florida neighborhood, others he competes in marathons pushing her along as he goes.

"Running together is our moment," Miller says. "I'm bonding with Grace and I relish it. We weren't supposed to have her this long. Every day she's alive is another one of God's gifts to us."

It's really a touching story. Click here to read it in its entirety.