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SI: Pujols deserves to be highest paid

After posting a couple of hours ago that the Pujols contract gap was nearly insurmountable,'s Jon Heyman tweeted tonight that he thinks $30-$32 million over seven years might get a deal done:

heres how id bridge pujols gap: give him the dollars ($30-32 mil), but try to keep to 7 yrs. he should be games highest paid player

I think the Cardinals ought to do this if Pujols would go for it, provided that he would be willing to defer some money. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, $32 million a year equates to about 4,200 tickets sold per game, not including profits made on drinks, snacks, ballcaps and tee shirts. I think Pujols easily would pay for himself on those terms.

Remember, Pujols is the face of not only the Cardinals but also all of baseball. If anybody puts posteriors in the seats, it's him.