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Pujols to Cardinals: Tick, tick, tick...

If my sincere hope that the Cardinals will actually make a contract offer to Albert Pujols before he makes it to spring training is to become a reality, something is going to have to give soon.

Even if the Birds make Pujols a reasonable offer, it's an unfair position to put him in to leave no time for a response or for minor changes.

Personally, if I was Pujols, I would be offended if the front office types twiddled their thumbs for a month then threw a take it or leave it offer on his lap at the eleventh hour. It's just not good faith negotiating to not give the other side a chance to respond to your offer and ask questions. For all the Cardinals know, Pujols might be willing to accept a shorter term than the 10 years that is being reported. But without some back and forth on a deal, it's hard to work things out.

And the Cardinals are playing with fire using these techniques.

Not only could the effort to re-sign Pujols blow up in the face of ownership. But if they make a lowball offer that is rejected, I think the reaction from the fan base is going to be less than jolly.

The Redbirds like to give their fans credit for being the smartest in baseball when we cheer on their every move. So, please, don't accuse us of not knowing what's going on right in front of us if you don't make an honest effort to keep the paying customers happy.