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Brian Jordan talks about Pujols

Former Cardinals outfielder Brian Jordan, who has been working lately with the MLB Network, told ESPN Radio this afternoon that he doesn't think the Redbirds will be able to sign Albert Pujols before he reports to spring training on Feb. 16.

But Jordan said he thinks Pujols will relax his vow not to negotiate during the season and that something will get worked out behind closed doors before baseball's best player hits the open market.

While he was on the subject of the Cardinals, Jordan also said that he thinks the team should trade Colby Rasmus to the Rangers for Michael Young.

Jordan said Skip Schumaker could play centerfield if Rasmus was cleared out and that the offense and defense would be better for the move. The Cardinals would potentially have a lineup of (SS) Ryan Theriot, (2B) Young, (1B) Pujols, (LF) Holliday, (RF) Berkman, (3B) Freese, (C) Molina and (CF) Schumaker.

Impressive indeed. But how would the Cardinals' budget handle the replacement of a $1 million per year player with an aging $16 million per year player?