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Pujols reaction

I’ve had a couple of readers e-mail me to suggest I try to organize a boycott of a Cardinals game to send a message to the team about the Albert Pujols situation.

Even if Redbirds rooters were that passionate and coordinated about Pujols’ pending free agency, not everyone is of the same opinion. So I expect that such a boycott would go about as well as when people try to organize a don’t buy gas on Friday sort of protest over oil prices: If it makes a difference at all, I’m sure it’s not enough that one really notices.

If I had the ability to organize anything, I think it would send a very powerful message on March 31st if Cardinals fans suddenly fell silent as the motorcade hit the field. Don’t boo. Don’t be ugly. Just be quiet. Let the people who pay the bills as well as the ones who play in front of the most loyal fans in baseball have a taste of what it would be like if we weren’t there.