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Cardinals cashing in on Musial's medal

From the folks that brought you Albert Pujols' free agency here comes another special offer.

I received an email this afternoon from the Cardinals. It was a thank you for participating in the Stand Up for Stan campaign to help get Stan Musial considered for the Presidential Medal of Freedom which he received yesterday.

"Now, thanks to your efforts, you have shown the whole world that when Cardinals Nation is asked to take a stand, well, let's just say you know how to take a stand!" the e-mail gushes. "You helped recognize an extraordinary American deserving of the nation's higest civilian honor. Congratulations Stan and congratulations to you for taking a Stand for Stan."

A nice sentiment, Too bad it didn't end there.

"Bring a piece of the celebration home with the Stan Musial Presidential Medal of Freedom Commemorative Medalion," it continues...

For the low, low price of $79.99 (not including shipping and handling) you can put more money into the pockets of people who surely aren't going to share it with Albert Pujols or any other decent players!

How dare they try to make a buck from Stan's special day? Even on the day they enraged a healthy portion of the fan base by screwing up the Albert Pujols negotiations, the Cardinals shamelessly have their hand in the fans pockets!

I guess they figure they won't be able to wring every last dollar out of Albert much longer, so they might as well take advantage of the legendary Stan the Man.