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Tampering, Teixeira and Pujols

I really don't get all the posts flying around the internet in which the owners of the Cubs, Red Sox and Yankees are pressed about their interest in Albert Pujols.

Are we forgetting that Pujols is signed with the Cardinals through 2011? Any comments about their plans to try to sign Albert would be an open and shut case of tampering.

Meanwhile, it seems that we can also scratch off the rumor that St. Louis would trade Pujols to the Yankees for Mark Teixeira.

Tex has a no-trade clause in his contract. Even if Pujols, who has five and 10 rights, was willing to accept a deal to New York Teixeira said it's not going to happen.

He told the New York Post he has "no trade language in his contract for a reason" and that he "plans to be buried in those pinstripes."

I still don't think Teixeira was ever any kind obstacle to the Yankees getting involved with Pujols. As long as there is a DH in the American League, there is a way to fit Albert into the Bronx Bombers' plans.

But it's always possible New York could put the heat on Teixeira if the Yankees wanted to go after Albert. If they signed Pujols to play first base, would Teixeira be happy playing the next five years as only a designated hitter?