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On this date in Cardinals History: Feb. 22, 1922

A tip of the hat to former Cardinals catcher William "Pickles" Dillhoefer who died on this date 89 years ago due to Typhoid Fever.

A five-year major league veteran, Dillhoefer came to the Cardinals in 1919 after spending time with the Cubs and Phillies. He was newly married and just shy of his 27th birthday when the 5-foot-7 catcher became ill while keeping himself busy as a used car salesman in the off-season.

According to newspaper reports at the time, it seemed like Dillhoefer was getting better when he suddenly took a turn for the worse and died with his wife of six weeks at his bedside.

There was some speculation that Dilhoeffer, who was known as "Dilly" to friends in spite of his more famous nickname, contracted Typhoid Fever while on his honeymoon to New Orleans.

But Pickles lives on in baseball lore because of his unique -- if not somewhat predictable -- nickname.

According to his obituary in the Sporting News:

Amongst fans he was the most popular of them all because of his hustling tactics and his high spirits and there is genuine grief in the heart of every St. Louis fan because of his untimely death.